Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wimax Huawei BM622m Permanent Mac Change

This is how i change the mac address of my wimax huawei bm622m modem to permanent in just a few easy steps :

1. First, go to using your web browser (mozilla, google chrome or ie) then click login. Input  "user" for the username and for the password copy and paste this "0SlO051O" w/o the quotation mark.

2. Next step is to enable the telnet command. Visit this link and then put a check inside the telnet check box for lan.

3. From your web browser open a new tab and go to this link now you are entering the setup wizard page just click next button til you are redireted to "Authentication" page. From there you need to supply a generated password from a live mac that you will be going to use. (See the download link below for the mac password generator)  Copy the generated password and paste it to username and password. Example : generatedpassword@globelines.com.ph for username and for password just copy and paste it. After that click next again til you reach the "Apply" button.

4. Now, we're ready to change the mac address of your BM622M modem. We will be using a 1-click .vbs script code available for download below. You just need to edit it by right clicking on the file and choose edit . Change the default pattern for mac address to the one that you'll be going to use. Check the sample below ;)
cloner.SendKeys"sncfg dset WAN_MAC_ENCRY 112233445566"
WScript.Sleep 1000
cloner.SendKeys"sncfg dset WAN_MAC 11:22:33:44:55:66"
WScript.Sleep 1000
cloner.SendKeys"sncfg dset LAN_MAC 11:22:33:44:55:67"
WScript.Sleep 1000
5. After editing, double click the .vbs file and that's it wait for your modem to reboot! To test if it is permanent, unplug the modem then plug it again.

Credits : Special thanks to symbianize website and guru "feelthepower" (bogus account)

Download links :

Permanent mac change script click here

Password generator click here


  1. It's amazing that you can change the MAC Address of your modem permanently using these simple steps . Thanks for sharing .

    Silvester Norman

    Change Mac Address

  2. boss pa arbor naman ng mac para sa bm622m kahit 2 to 3mbps lang.. pa add po sa.ym. bossangaz21@yh.com salamt boss

  3. boss pa hingi mac add sa bm622m ko tia


    able to connect but forbidden... haist..